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Why should we continue with a 1:1 laptop program?

Over the last few months, many faculty and staff asked me this question in different ways. I understand why they ask this question after 4 year long 1:1 Tablet PC program which failed in many aspects. Despite the failure of our current Tablet PC program and frustrations we have with the devices, I still see many reasons to continue with a 1:1 laptop program.

Some of the potential benefits of a 1:1 program for students include:

  • personalized learning environment for every student
  • improve writing and research skills
  • levels the playing field for all students
  • access to information and communication (24/7)
  • improve school-home connection
  • increase communication between students and teachers
  • potential for authentic project-based learning opportunities
  • increase student engagement
  • foster communication, collaboration and creativity skills
  • increase productivity
  • become self-directed learners
  • become part of a network of learners
  • create opportunities for global outreach
  • focus on student-centered learning