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How to get better Google Search results


Youtube Trick

This is a super easy trick that would get rid of all the annoying suggested/related videos( especially when you are showing it to students in a class) and started the video in full size on your browser.

Strategies to save your laptop battery

Here is a piece of advice for students and teachers who complain about laptop battery life.

  1. Prime new batteries. Let laptop batteries charge fully before use. Then, let it drain completely before recharging. Run new batteries through this cycle a couple of times. Doing so will condition them to run to full capacity.
  2. Pull the plug. Don’t leave laptops plugged in for long periods of time. Doing so leaves batteries in a constant state of charging — and that will ultimately reduce battery life.
  3. Use hibernate or standby mode. Both options save power when students step away from the computer.
  4. Mute the sound. Turn the speaker volume all the way down — or mute it — when sound isn’t needed for the task at hand.

Source- Digital Inspiration.