Monthly Archives: October 2011

Tools to Help Students Study Together

One of the true powers of the Internet is the power to collaborate with others. Yesterday,  I came across a service called Friends with Brainefits that enables students to study on Facebook with their Facebook friends. Here are some other collaborative studying tools  from my archives.

  1. – a website for students to share and collaborate on the creation of study tools.
  2. – a collaborative study service developed and funded in part by Georgia Tech, Emory University, and the National Science Foundation.
  3. – a service for learning a new language with the help of others online. Think of Nabber as part vocabulary studying tool, part social network.



Mathematics in Movies

This is a website developed by a Harvard Mathematics professor Oliver Knill. Mathematics in Movies is a collection of video clips  from popular movies and television shows in which references to mathematics are made. The clips are available in swf file format or quicktime format.

They will be a fun way to introduce a mathematics lesson. The clips might also be useful as a break from a traditional lesson plan for a day. Students can enjoy the clips while reviewing mathematics concepts.